As the CEO of Amber Interior Design and founder of the popular blog All Sorts Of, Amber Lewis showcases her simple, natural, cozy interior design aesthetic to over 1 million followers on Instagram and operates her full-service interior design firm based out of Los Angeles. Fans and clients worldwide adore her white wall, laidback California aesthetic, and Amber’s affinity for found objects has made her a household name. 

We at Horizon Stone have also long admired her clean, organic approach to design and all of her stellar projects. Imagine our delight when Amber reached out to us over a year ago during her California dream home renovation to collaborate on the stone elements of her design! We knew that this collaboration was going to produce a fantastic home and the exceptional results speak for themselves: 

Amber selected gorgeous Horizon Stone 19th Century stone veneer in color Hermitage, combined with a custom mix mortar, to complete her outdoor fireplace and stunning exterior. We worked with Amber throughout her selection process to capture the perfect match for her design vision. Her newly renovated dream home has a timeless air of quality craftsmanship and natural appeal. In one of her latest blog entries, Amber revealed the classic inspiration behind her stone veneer decision: 

“My vision was to transport us somewhere in between the Belgian countryside and the California coast. I’ve always been inspired by old European architecture, the cliffs along the California coastline, and all the colors in nature that I feel deeply and love so much. 

Our outdoor spaces have become such a blessing to my little family over the last few months hunkering down at home, and I’m excited to finally show you guys a little more. 

One of the first design decisions I chose for the exterior was picking stone. I quickly settled on beautiful stone from Horizon Stone and their 19th Century Series in the color ‘Hermitage.’ I knew I wanted to incorporate a whole lotta stone in some way, and I ultimately decided to mix in some vertical plank siding as well, to add a bit of a modern vibe, but still feel overall traditional and timeless. I worked with my amazing mason to create a custom color grout that felt bright, but also blended perfectly with the lighter stone.

You know I love a mood, and this was 100% the right call for our space.”

We completely agree! This ‘old world meets modern’ home is absolutely charming in every aspect and the popularity of Amber’s makeover has been amazing as well: Amber’s exclusive home tour for Architectural Digest of the finished 4,000-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath estate has received over 1 million views to-date! The stylish final product is worth every ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ that it draws from readers and viewers alike and her Instagram account features even more amazing photos. 

Thanks to Amber’s incredible results and features, she has helped pave the way for new Horizon Stone business partnerships throughout the west coast. Although Horizon Stone products didn’t previously sell in California, our work with Amber helped us secure several distribution partners in the sunshine state to better serve the region! 

This successful collaboration has also helped put our official Horizon Stone Instagram account on the map, with many comments and Direct Messages pouring in regarding Amber’s 19th Century Series stone veneer and other Horizon Stone products. For even more of Amber’s fabulous design expertise and design inspiration, make sure to explore her latest book Made for Living for outstanding tips on layering the things you own to complete a cohesive, beautifully designed home. We are ready to help elevate incredible projects across the nation with our stone veneer: Locate the Horizon Stone distributor nearest to you and together we can begin crafting more picture-perfect results!