Christmas time is coming! Horizon Stone wants to help you make it the most memorable one ever! Whether it’s enjoying the family traditions, spending time with friends, watching your favorite holiday movies or having a quiet moment to relax from all of your baking or shopping – these are the special times to savor. 

Entryway and Front Porch

The Horizon Stone Pinterest page offers amazing suggestions for beautiful seasonal color and texture for your front door and porch. That is one of the greatest attributes about manufactured stone, it will pair strikingly with any of your design choices.  Classic greenery with red ribbon bows makes a stunning visual when visitors arrive. Elegant white lights with coordinated accents highlight your porch and door. Old fashioned large bulb lights bring back childhood Christmas memories and make you believe in Santa again. There is no wrong way to decorate. This is the time when your individuality can shine through easily.  A specially selected wreath to harmonize with those decorations continues the welcoming statement. If you prefer fresh seasonal flowers or greenery, a quick trip to your local florist or nursery can provide the products you need. Or have a girl’s night out for a ‘paint and sip party’ at your local art store to create your new front door display and make new memories! If you are a DIY’er, there are many options available. Country Living has 80 wreath ideas for all different skill sets and design choices. How can you only choose one to do? 

Outdoor Patio and Fireplace

When you’re decorating for the holidays, don’t forget your patio or fireplace areas. Depending on the number of visitors you will have or your relationship with your in-laws, you may be glad to have another area to escape! Just kidding! Gathering around the fireplace with hot chocolate and warm blankets to sing Christmas carols make lasting impressions for everyone. Conversations, laughter and past recollections will flow effortlessly around the patio table as everyone reconnects during friends and family time. Everyone will also be admiring your exceptional Horizon Stone features and planning their upgrades!

Connect with a Professional 

If you are contemplating pre-holiday changes to your home using stone veneer – from your home exterior to your outdoor living areas – Horizon Stone would love to help. Depending on the size of your job, you may feel more confident working with a licensed architect or contractor.  A professional will work with you to fully execute your vision, from conception to execution. Check out Horizon Stone’s list of trusted Distributors to get started.

We have given you some of our ideas for decorating for the holidays. What are your recommendations? Once your house is ready for the holidays, we’d love to see the before and after pictures and feature them on our website.  Please share them with us on Instagram.  We can’t wait to see your vision using Horizon Stone products!