Every month, Horizon Stone will feature a valued Distributor Partner. This month, we’re proud to spotlight Stonecore. 

Meet Stonecore 

Stonecore, a Horizon Stone Distributor based in Jacksonville, Fla., is dedicated to creating gorgeous outdoor solutions for your home or business. In fact, folks in and around the Jacksonville area know that Stonecore is the company to visit when it comes to crafting your dream outdoor oasis.  We hope that our distributor spotlight will direct you to their beautiful showroom.

With a 10-acre facility, Stonecore’s helpful staff and extensive selection of veneer stone can help you complete any project that is on your outdoor ‘to-do’ list.  Stonecore prefers to focus on exterior and outdoor projects while their nationwide sister company, Earthcore, assists with interior projects as well as indoor fireplaces.  

When owner Carl Spadaro decided to create Stonecore, he wanted to serve the Jacksonville community. The Stonecore team is like family and is proud to be part of the Jacksonville area. 

Stonecore and Horizon Stone

Some partnerships just work organically. Stonecore and Horizon Stone are a prime example of that concept.  Horizon Stone is the company’s largest supplier of manufactured stone, and they have worked together since 2013. When a consumer is ready to add enhancements to their home and make a statement, this team will provide a remarkable variety of materials and any helpful technical support that is needed. Whether the project is commercial or residential, Stonecore can service any of those needs. They offer free onsite estimates and references to help in your decision-making process.

Digital Resources 

The Stonecore website has amazing visuals and project ideas. Check out their Idea Gallery to stoke your imagination, full of amazing outdoor kitchens, firepits, patios,  and more! If you’re more of a Pinterest person, Stonecore has many great options illustrated on that site. Instagram ready? So is Stonecore! Facebook is another opportunity to connect with them. They love to share your finished projects and unique ideas to inspire others to get busy creating the ideal outdoor space. 

Connect with a Professional

Stonecore recommends working with licensed professionals to complete your exterior stone projects. A professional will work with you to fully execute your vision, from conception to execution. Check out Stonecore’s website for additional assistance on starting your project off on the right foot. 

For most people, their home is their biggest investment. Stonecore believes that you should be proud of your home and should invest in it to increase its value– and, most importantly, to enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Thank you to Stonecore for your partnership!