Horizon Stone is excited about spring temperatures, gorgeous blooming flowers, and brilliantly cleaned windows! It’s spring cleaning time, and we want to share some of our favorite tips with you. Our Pinterest page offers great suggestions to help get your ‘to-do’ list ready. Your exterior will be refreshed and sparkling, your list of chores complete, and you will be ready for spring and summer fun. 

Pressure Washing

Luckily, manufactured stone requires little maintenance or cleaning. Bi-yearly inspections to check for damaged stones help to ensure your stone stays in mint condition. If you notice stains or discoloration, use warm water with vinegar and dish soap to restore everything to perfection.   Some of the other materials on your home will benefit from a thorough pressure washing. The driveway, sidewalks or any siding will be immaculate after a treatment. Horizon Stone’s Exterior Inspiration Gallery shows featured examples to help craft your vision.

Windows, Doors and Front Porches

Get your home ready for visitors and shed all of the winter dreariness! A beautiful entryway greets everyone and creates an inviting environment. When it comes to cleaning windows, most professionals recommend using water with dish soap or vinegar (notice a trend?) to create a streak-free shine. You can also use a product that works easily with your water hose for a less time-consuming chore. Simply attach the bottle to your hose and you are ready to clean! If the thoughts of cleaning your windows create stress and panic, there are professionals who will do the job for you! 

When cleaning doors and front porches, it’s best to remove everything from the area. Start by sweeping away all debris and removing any cobwebs. Front porches and outdoor furniture may also benefit from pressure washing depending on the material. Don’t forget to check your outside lights. You should make sure everything is in working order and clean them with a soft cloth and polish. Now is a great time to refresh your doormat, wreaths and other decorations. This front porch with 19th Century in Harbor Bluff rock invites you to sit and enjoy your fresh and stunning entrance.


Now is the time to deep clean and declutter. Most garages have a tendency to be a multi-storage area. When tackling garage spring cleaning, be prepared to spend most of the day or possibly a weekend to complete this task. Take time to determine if an item should be kept, donated, trashed or sold. Organization is the key to maintaining order in the garage. Using bins or baskets to corral like items will keep everything neat and tidy.

Flower Beds and Lawns

There are several simple tips to get your flower beds and lawns ready for spring. Start by looking for areas with dead grass that need to be reseeded and clear your lawn of twigs or other debris. When caring for your trees and shrubs, remove dead limbs to make room for new growth and prune them according to plant type. Flower beds and potted plants should be cleaned and trimmed. Add new annuals for a gorgeous pop of color. Now get outside and enjoy your striking exterior! 

We hope some of our ideas for exterior spring cleaning have inspired you!  What are some of your recommendations? Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning projects, we’d love to see the before and after pictures and feature them on our website.  Please share them with us on Instagram. We can’t wait to see your outdoor vision using Horizon Stone products!