There are so many aspects of the gorgeous transition in nature to the fall season that are worth beholding: The changing shades of the leaves on our majestic trees, the dropping temperatures after a hot summer, and the cool breeze that blows through the air. Where better to observe all of your favorite seasonal cues than from a supremely relaxing, picturesque front porch with your loved ones? All you need is a comfortable seat, your favorite drink, and the people you cherish!

The beginning of fall also marks the start of the fun, festive season with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve in succession. For your front porch, you also have the perfect themes to rotate decorations and help your family, visitors, and even your neighbors get into the holiday spirit! When you combine your favorite chic touches to an artfully designed front porch with Horizon Stone products, you have a personal lounge perfect for spending time outside with your family and enjoying the crisp, fresh fall air. Here are some of our favorite fall front porch décor ideas:   

It starts with looking for easy ways to add fall décor to your already stylish porch scene. For instance, this porch with Horizon Stone 19th Century in color Harbor Bluff (right) has a clean, bright appearance that can easily be tweaked to instantly fit the season. 

Start by switching out the current front outdoor rug for a fun, fall-themed mat that uses fall motifs or a fall phrase to usher in your guests. Consider rotating out the black planter for a wooden or metal planter with an orange flowering plant. 

Create a quick fall arrangement with an old wooden crate, 2-3 orange pumpkins of different sizes, and a decorative fall accessory from a discount home furnishings store. Fall touches don’t have to be complex or time-consuming- simple additions can make a big difference!

If your home has a longer driveway and is more distant from the street you live on, you can play off of the color of your front porch when adding fall touches. This comforting, earthy-toned front porch completed with Handcrafted stone in color Shenandoah (below) is well-suited for some brighter pops of fall décor that will stand out from the curb:

Did you know that pumpkins come in other varieties than traditional orange? Consider decorating the steps with cream-colored pumpkins, using white metallic or white-painted wood planters, and planting white-flowering selections inside. These thoughtful additions will bring out the lighter-colored flecks in the stone veneer and brighten the overall aesthetic from the street perspective!

When it comes to designing a festive fall front porch, just remember to think ‘rustic’ as you decorate. An attractive front porch like this with Handcrafted stone veneer in color Hermitage (below) is the perfect canvas for wooden and metal additions with extra patina and even rust! Anything distressed or discolored is prized for fall décor and instantly transforms when paired with natural elements like pumpkins, pinecones, branches, and straw. Old crates, buckets, wagons, and other pieces are just waiting to be repurposed for your fabulous front porch.

Use decorating your fall front porch as another opportunity for you and your family to enjoy nature together and spend more time safely at home. If you need to complete your front porch or outdoor space renovation before the fall and winter holidays, put together your favorite ideas from our Horizon Stone Pinterest page and locate your nearest Horizon Stone distributor to bring that inspiration to life!