When designing an eye-catching home exterior with stone veneer, you can choose which architectural features you want to highlight for premium curb appeal. Along with balancing your roof, materials, and overall color palette, your choices can turn functional aspects of the exterior into standout fashion-forward design elements! Horizon Stone veneer on your garage can transform it into a creative extension of your overall vision with hand-crafted, artisan appeal and elegant shades. Here are a few incredible ways on how to make your old garage look new with attractive stone veneer:

19th Century in Mossy Creek

Standout Tone for Stone Veneer 

With inherent warmth and natural character, many stone veneer options also feature a gorgeous range of organic tones that will provide more colors within a finished exterior. Framing the garage with 19th Century Series stone in color Mossy Oak (below) helps an ordinary entrance create a memorable, improved impression. The neutral stone palette provides beautiful shades to design with and painting the garage doors with a coordinating darker tone provides a pop that blends to perfection:

Handcrafted in Mossy Creek

Unified Craftsman Style Garage with Stone Exterior

With exposed beams and extended roofs, stone veneer is a match made in heaven for a rustic craftsman-style exterior. Wooden garage doors also play into this theme like a charm and are begging to be tied into the design even further. By installing Handcrafted stone in color Hickory (below) around the garage, this area is elevated with the rugged symmetry and precise lines of stone while instantly connecting to the front porch column bases, entranceway, and base wall for a unified feel:

Handcrafted in Shenandoah

Stone & Brick Combo for Garages

For an added luxurious touch to a home’s exterior, the juxtaposition of stone and brick together is a natural contrast that also pairs effortlessly! Both the patterned brickwork and the stacked stone veneer illustrate organic texture and the classic work of skilled artisans. Along with the dual beige doors and coordinating stone borders on the brick side, the Handcrafted stone in color Cumberland (below) pulls out the blue-gray bricks within the rich reds for an attractive match that completely uplifts the garage and exterior:

Handcrafted in Cumberland

Create Natural Light with Stone

If your lot doesn’t receive ample sunlight and you aim to use as much natural light as you can to brighten up the exterior from the curb perspective, you can craft a sophisticated garage with stone veneer to serve this purpose! This Ledgestone Series in color Canyon Ridge (below) adds chic appeal to the traditional white garage door while lending multiple gray tones that can be pulled for pops of darker contrast in the trim and shutters. In addition to helping the architectural features become more visible, the aged look of natural stacked stone helps make the property appear more expensive to those passing by:

Natural Ledgestone on Garage with light color siding | Horizon Stone

There’s no need to let the garage be a forgotten design consideration when it can easily contribute to your stylish exterior! Be sure to check out our Horizon Stone “Garage Design Ideas” Pinterest Board for added inspiration and visit your nearest Horizon Stone distributor to complete your next great project.