There’s no denying the fact that using stone veneer when designing a home exterior lends a certain elegant, luxurious touch that instantly adds value. Horizon Stone products are conceptualized to offer wide-ranging design capability, be easily installed, and produce eye-catching, exceptional results. 

Once you have the stone options you love picked out, it’s important to coordinate your roof color, gutters, trim, front door, mailbox, and of course, paint color! If you want your property to mirror the incredible estates found on our Horizon Stone Pinterest page, here are some great tips on how to pair your paint colors and stone veneer: 

Pair Colors With A Relationship – To begin, use a paint color wheel to pick paint colors that have a relationship with the stone colors. For example, most stone colors are a neutral or earthy color and you are generally safe to pair them with other neutrals. The colors found side-by-side to your stone colors on a color wheel are analogous colors that are different shades of the same derivative color, and therefore make for good pairings. Lastly, the paint color that is opposite the stone color on the wheel is a complimentary color that works well for a bold look! 

You Can Pick More Than One Color – If you are torn between multiple paint colors that pair well with your stone veneer, explore a way to incorporate them all. There are more elements to a home that will need painting than just exterior walls. You’ll likely need to paint shutters, doors, and trim as well. Once you determine your favorite paint colors that have a relationship with the stone, you can design a more interesting overall color scheme that utilizes multiple coordinating shades. 

Make Sure the Stone Stands Out – The purpose of your stone veneer is to elevate your home with stylish sophistication and timeless craftsmanship. Thus, it’s wise not to try to ‘match’ your paint color too close to the stone or pick analogous colors that blend when they should really balance instead. If your stone veneer is brown, a tan or light natural paint color will provide some appropriate pop. If your stone veneer is darker, consider a paint color that’s distinctively paler to build a strong contrast. 

Observe Your Stone Veneer From Afar – Make sure to get a visual idea of what color your stone veneer looks like from a distance and in different lighting. Even if your stone is multi-colored, it will still resemble an overall color from afar and this can help you narrow down a perfect paint color. Different colored stones and the actual tones of each stone will have variations from each other at different vantage points and different times of the day. It’s wise to take inventory of what stone color looks like from close up, curbside, and even further down the road. 

In the end, have fun with the paint selection process and find ways to make your home exterior color scheme your own. No matter what appropriate paint colors you land on, you can rest assured that the combined effect with Horizon Stone veneer will create a gorgeous, eye-catching exterior. For more examples of winning stone veneer and paint pairings, visit our Horizon Stone Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages to get inspired for best results!