Whether you are getting a home ready to list on the market or simply giving your familiar home exterior a crisp pop of color and presence, new paint can help ramp up the curb appeal of your property like no other update can! Combined with the gorgeous, sophisticated look and texture of Horizon Stone veneer, your home exterior will offer a soothing color palette and visual that’s equally engaging and inviting. With a vast range of paint colors and variations to select from, as well as the many attractive stone looks offered, finding the perfect blend will take thoughtful consideration. Here are a few of our favorite tips for how to pick the perfect paint color to complement your stone veneer: 

  • No matter what paint color you are considering for your home, it’s most important to always test your potential paint colors before you begin painting the exterior! Then, take your painted samples and view them in the light your home exterior receives next to your stone veneer. This step will help ensure the best results and avoid costly mistakes.  
  • Make sure to invest in high-quality paint since your Horizon Stone veneer is engineered for long-lasting performance. Ideally, you want all materials and portions of your home exterior to age comparably. Keep in mind that darker paint colors will fade faster from sunlight than lighter colors. Select paint above builder-grade and look for a longer warranty so that your paint colors appear pristine for as long as possible. 
  • If you are painting multiple new shades to your home exterior, keep all colors within the same high-quality paint brand to ensure consistency. Consider using a color wheel if you need to select multiple paint colors for your exterior since these pairings will be selected from the same color family. Note how the 19th Century Stone series in color Hermitage (below) used in this exterior provides the lightest shade within the grey family tree found throughout the exterior design elements:
A close-up of a brick wall

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From the dark grey door to medium gray 2nd-floor paint color to bright grey stone, these shades are close relatives that make picking multiple paint colors an easier task! 

  • Many Horizon Stone veneer options offer multiple earthy tones within the visual that can provide a complimentary paint color or a variation that’s easy to pull from one of the stone colors. This is a sound place to start when selecting paint colors, and a color wheel will illustrate related tones. The Handcrafted Stone in color Hickory (below) used in this cozy exterior provides darker orange undertones that are directly related to the brighter neutral orange painted element above the porch: 
  • Since stone veneer presents an organic-inspired color palette, muted paint colors will match the stone better than bright colors. For example, rather than using crisp white paint to compliment your stone veneer, a creamier shade like alabaster or light greige will provide the appropriate brightness that works in harmonious contrast.  
  • Paint colors will often appear 5 to 10 times lighter outdoors than they do indoors, so it’s better to err on the darker side of your favorite choice. However, if the material you are painting has a rough texture, err on the lighter side of your favorite choice since paint colors can appear darker on rough textures once applied.  
  • When it comes to picking a paint color for your shutters or front door, we love creating contrast for eye-catching results! After pairing your stone veneer with a dominant paint color that provides appropriate balance, make your front door and shutters pop against this backdrop. We adore how the red door and black shutters in this exterior stand out against the 19th Century Stone in color Harbor Bluff (below) and grey paint color with blue undertones:   

For added inspiration from other dazzling home exteriors, our Horizon Stone “Curb Appeal Ideas” Pinterest Board features many fabulous paint color and stone veneer pairings. Once your home is newly painted, pressure wash your stone veneer for a finishing shine to your beautiful property!