Before the holidays are over and winter is in full force, let’s talk about the best ways to winterize your home! Let Horizon Stone help guide you to the easiest methods to stay warm and toasty, save money on your heating and repair bills and keep your house safe. Our newest Pinterest board highlights some great tips to guide you through the process of winterizing your home. Our favorite tips are described below.

Winterizing Inside Your Home

Some simple techniques for winterizing the inside of your home range from locking your windows and doors to create a tighter seal, to reduce heat loss, to keeping your curtains and blinds closed to keep the warm air inside. Replacing your furnace filter frequently will keep your furnace in great working condition and as an added bonus – it will keep your house from getting as dusty. Sealing cracks, replacing worn weather stripping and stopping drafts will shrink your heating bills. Programmable thermostats work well for decreasing heating bills by allowing you to control the temperature while you are away and adjust it to be cozy and welcoming when you arrive back home. 

Horizon Stone also highly recommends that you maintain and winterize your fireplace. Check out our Inspiration Gallery for beautiful fireplace ideas! We recommend having your fireplace chimney inspected and cleaned yearly. Check the flue damper to make sure it’s operating properly and that it opens and closes easily. Be sure the fireplace flue is open before you light a fire, and close it when the fireplace is not in use to conserve energy. For added safety, keep a working fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it.

Winterizing Outside Your Home

Snow and ice can create havoc during the winter months. Be prepared! Make sure to buy ice melt, shovels, and other items in advance. Clean gutters help keep your house and foundation trouble-free. All outdoor faucets and irrigation systems should be drained and cut off to avoid burst pipes and other issues. This includes your outdoor kitchen or living area. Sidewalks and driveways need some attention as well. Cracks should be sealed with caulk and driveways should be resealed every couple of years. Inspect the trees on your property to make sure any dead limbs are trimmed because ice and snow can cause breakage that could potentially land on your home or car. Speaking of cars – you should pack a winter emergency kit to help keep you safe. Items that would be needed include an ice scraper, a blanket, a candle, flares, rock salt, water, and snacks. 

Connect with a Professional 

If a new stone fireplace or outdoor area is part of your winter plans, please connect with one of our Distributors to get started.  Horizon Stone hopes you have a safe and wonderful winter season! We’d love to see your sledding pictures and pictures of the time spent around your Horizon Stone projects! Please share them with us on Instagram