As more families spent time at home together during 2020, many homeowners were inspired to complete a design refresh or various home projects to make life at home more enjoyable. This spirit has continued into 2021 and now the projects are moving to the exterior spaces! With the spring season upon us and new life blooming everywhere outside, it might just be time to give your home’s curb appeal a new feel as well. With Horizon Stone products, you can easily give your entryways and mailboxes a sophisticated, elevated update. Here are some of our favorite spring curb appeal projects using stone veneer:  

Striking Stone Steps

Create the entranceway of your dreams with an eye-catching stairway that sets the tone for your stunning property. This stairway uses bull-nose stone step treads in color Buckskin (below) combined with an organic color palette to create timeless luxury and craftsmanship that’s still warm and familiar. Long-lasting and durable, you can design stairs with six different color options for the look you love that also adds value to your undeniable curb appeal.  

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Proud Stone Pillars

There’s nothing like an attractive front porch to give a property an inviting feel from the street view, and the columns that frame a front porch offer the perfect opportunity to add natural texture and a hand-worked artisanal visual. These 19th Century stone column bases in color Harbor Bluff (below) immediately add strength and classic colonial inspiration to this charming porch, and pair perfectly with the rich red front door. This eye-catching front entrance will certainly draw in admirers from the street view!

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Wonder Stone Walls

No matter what materials your home exterior is comprised of – vinyl, stucco, steel, wood, or brick – stone always helps create an inviting, warmer appearance thanks to natural beauty, texture, and tones. Even in a neighborhood where many of the homes are similar in structure and materials, stone veneer brings skilled masonry and uniqueness to mind. We love how our Ledgestone Series in color Hermitage (below) offers the irregular, aged look of natural “stacked” stone to this property’s curb perspective. 

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Majestic Stone Mailbox

Before vehicles and visitors can even make it down your driveway, you can use stone veneer to craft a regal mailbox at the front of your property. If your home features a specific stone veneer as part of the house exterior, you can match the same veneer to complete your mailbox for a unified design. 

Whether you love the mixed-toned stacked look (left), a mortared stone look (center), or a dry-stacked, mixed-size stone (right), your mailbox can easily become an extension of your home and enhance curb appeal at the same time!    A collage of a stone wallDescription automatically generated with low confidence

Explore our latest Horizon Stone “Curb Appeal Ideas” Pinterest Board for even more inspiration and make sure to order samples from the website so that you can accurately gauge how your favorite styles will look if installed. Start your spring curb appeal project at your nearest Horizon Stone distributor and enjoy the finished look for the rest of the year and beyond.