It goes without saying that a gorgeous estate designed using stone veneer simply exudes luxury, time-honored craftsmanship, and effortless, eye-catching curb appeal. With beautiful organic tones and shades, stone veneer offers a natural beauty that uplifts every exterior from stately mansions to cottages and bungalows. However, stone veneer also offers many advantages to homeowners, builders, and interior designers beyond the stunning appearance. With tremendous design versatility and easy to maintain capability, here are a few of the many benefits of stone veneer:

  • Adds Value – Thanks to the engaging visual interest that creates incredible curb appeal, stone veneer adds value to your property greater than vinyl, stucco, or clapboard. Are you getting a property ready to list on the market? You can easily use stone veneer to elevate your home for a richer, more expensive feel. Especially when paired with brick, stone veneer adds a timeless, trusted quality to your home that appeals to a wide range of buyers!
  • Less Expensive – Whereas natural stone is controlled by nature, quarried, and then cut into various shapes, stone veneer is created from a cement mixture that is poured into molds and colored to look like real stone. These technological innovations have allowed builders and homeowners to achieve the desired look and feel of real stone at an exceptionally valuable cost. Custom manufacturing has allowed affordable stone veneer to skyrocket in popularity as a result.
  • Use Anywhere – You can literally use Horizon Stone veneer to create an unforgettable space anywhere on your property. In addition to the home’s exterior, Horizon Stone can transform your pool area, patio, walkways, steps, columns, mailboxes, outdoor fireplaces, and any non-vehicular surface. Once inside, consider adding the inherent warmth and character of stone veneer for your fireplace, mantle, accent walls, built-in shelves, showers, a kitchen island, as a backsplash, and even in your wine cellar. Stone veneer allows your imagination to create the ultimate design vision!
  • Quick Installation – Although stone veneer offers the classic appearance of old-world stone structures, these superior products are engineered for quick installation with flawless results. In fact, many homeowners take on a DIY installation for remodel projects by following these easy installation considerations. Installing stone veneer displaces rooms for less time if you have an active home and allows you to get homes market-ready quicker as well!
  • Easy to Care For – Suitable for all types of weather conditions, your Horizon Stone veneers do not require regular cleaning to remain pristine. If you do want to clean your veneer either outdoors or indoors, you simply need mild, hot soapy water and a clean cloth, sponge, or soft brush to wipe down the stone. Rinse with a low-pressure hose if outside and wipe the stone veneer with a clean cloth or sponge if inside. Let your beautiful veneer dry and your work is done.

Now it’s time to locate your nearest Horizon Stone distributor and explore the options you love the most. Follow us on Pinterest for added inspiration for your project and create a beautiful look using stone veneer that you will absolutely cherish!