Everyone strives for their home to express personality and stand out from all of the other houses in the neighborhood. If you’re looking for that extra style and texture for your home or office exterior,  Horizon Stone has an outstanding selection of manufactured stone (stone veneer) to complete your vision and make your space the one to see.  To really create a unique visual, the latest trend is to mix and match different styles of stone to create a customized look without the price of a custom project.

Using a combination of stone veneer will give life to your dream home vision and ensure your creativity is on display for the entire neighborhood to admire. 

Because Horizon Stone’s color palettes, textures, and styles are complementary to each other, mixing and matching their manufactured stone products is simple.  Here, we’ve compiled some ideas for mixing and matching stone veneer.

Mixing and Matching Tips

Horizon Stone’s Rockface collection, with a classic chiseled texture, pairs beautifully with the Olde World series to mix defined patterns with asymmetrical shapes.  Craftsman Cottage Stone in Harbor Bluff matches perfectly with a brick exterior and shaker shingles for a unique look. You could use one style for the primary area of the house with a different product for the windows, porch, or other accents to highlight various architectural details of your home.  

For those of us who want to make a statement, but are unsure of the best ways and possibilities to combine products, Horizon Stone makes it easy! On the Horizon Stone site,  you will see the same color name in various design styles. That tells you that Hermitage color in any collection will coordinate together for a stunning visual. 

Other opportunities to mix and match your materials would be around the garage, patio, or firepit areas. The only limit is your imagination! 

Connect with a Professional 

Depending on the size of your job, you may feel more confident working with a licensed architect or contractor.  A professional will work with you to fully execute your vision, from conception to execution. Check out Horizon Stone’s list of trusted Distributors to get started.
Once you’ve completed your mixed material project, we’d love to see the before and after pictures and feature them on our website.  Please share them with us on Instagram.  We can’t wait to see your vision using Horizon Stone products!