Finding the Perfect Stone: Stone Finder Quiz

Horizon Stone has developed the perfect quiz to easily guide you to the most accurate and precise manufactured veneer stone choices for any project in your home. Some people are born with an innate sense of style and design to select their materials with no help. Their choices coordinate and meld beautifully for an eye-catching design and stunning results.  For the rest of us – the Horizon Stone: Stone Finder quiz will help you make decisions with confidence and certainty. If you want some assistance with your selections or just want to validate them, just use our quiz to decide which stone style and color best fits your home and project! 


The choices are endless, but the Horizon Stone quiz narrows down the options to three gorgeous possibilities that best suit your home, your colors and your design choices. It takes the concern and confusion about making the right decisions out of the process. Our design team has done the heavy lifting for you. They have analyzed which stone designs and patterns work best to complement various home constructions and rooms. The evaluation of color palettes permits you to easily choose from pre-selected corresponding shades and hues. This allows you to focus on other elements of your project and keep the stone selection stress free! 

Where will the stone be used?

The first step in the quiz is to indicate where your stone will be installed. Whether you are looking to enhance your interior, spruce up your exterior, or create the outdoor living space of your dreams, our Stone Finder Quiz can help you find the perfect stone for the job. Let us help you get started!

Home Interior

If you are doing a home interior project, room selection will be the first choice. Whether you’re creating a chef’s kitchen, a designer inspired living room, or a cozy bedroom retreat, we have a faux veneer product that will enhance your space. Just click on the interior style of your room and the primary and secondary colors of your decor.  For example – if you choose farmhouse decor with gray and white colors, the quiz recommends Fieldstone in color Cumberland, Craftsman Cottage in Harbor Bluff or 19th Century in Westchester. The unique textures and shapes of these options work strikingly to enhance any application.

Home Exterior and Outdoor Living

The style of your home is a primary factor to guide you to the exact match for a faux stone that creates the wow factor.  We have beautiful solutions to match Ranch, Tudor, Colonial and more. When it comes to choosing stone for your exterior, roof color, primary and secondary exterior material types and colors, as well as shutter color (if you have them) are all considered to determine the stone that best complements your home.  If you have a modern style brick house with brown shingles and beige and brown colors on the exterior, your ideal matches include 19th Century in color Sedona, Ledgestone in Mossy Creek or Olde World in Pinehurst. The strong, stacked and elegant qualities in these offerings are sure to delight and enhance your exterior projects. 

Connect with a Professional 

Whatever your stone project may be, Horizon Stone would love to help. Depending on the size of your job, you may feel more confident working with a licensed architect or contractor.  A professional will work with you to fully execute your vision, from conception to execution. Check out Horizon Stone’s list of trusted Distributors to get started.

Our stone finder quiz should help you with the decision-making process, but we always recommend visiting your local distributor to preview the stone in person before making your final selection. Let us know what you decide!  We’d love to feature your Horizon Stone project on our website and social platforms!