There’s nothing like relaxing on a gorgeous front or back porch, getting some fresh air, and catching the serene vibes with an iced cold drink or your favorite glass of wine. To elevate your space with organic luxury and visual engagement, you can use the full line of stone products from Horizon Stone enhance your posts, columns, and porch pillars!

Spending time in your artfully designed exterior living spaces will make it feel like your property is larger, and improving your exterior living spaces will raise your property’s bottom line. Let your creativity take over and think about what aesthetic you want to achieve or how you want to coordinate stone with your home’s exterior. Here are a few of our best tips for how to pick the right stone for your porch:

  1. What Is the Best Material for Porch Pillars?
  2. What Are the Different Types of Stone Porch Pillars?
  3. How To Modernize Front Porch Pillars?
  4. How To Pick the Right Stone for Your Porch?

What Is the Best Material for Porch Pillars?

Most modern-day porches are constructed with wood beams and planks, with brick as another popular option, and sometimes with concrete slabs underneath. Stone veneer is the ideal visual match for organic materials like wood and clay brick, adding the natural tones and textures that work perfectly in an outdoor setting. Stone veneer porch pillars will instantly upgrade your home exterior with extra presence and visual interest, while pulling out more undertones from the overall exterior color palette. Whether your stone porch pillars extend all the way up to the roof or provide stone veneer column bases that leave the upper half of the wood beam visible, easy-to-install stone veneer is the best material for porch pillars:

19th Century Stone Porch with red door from Horizon Stone

What Are the Different Types of Stone Porch Pillars?

As you look to complete your porch refresh, you can use the characteristics of different types of stone porch pillars to match your design vision. Stacked stone veneer (below left) means that the stones are tight and flush, with one on top of the other or dry-stacked. You can use dry stack stone veneer (below center) to create the visual of mortarless stone with staggered layers and a rough-cut natural appearance. For stunning visual texture and eye-catching stone porch pillars, ledgestone veneer (below right) highlights rectangular stripes of stone arranged uniformly.

Three images of stacked stone veneer from Horizon Stone
Equally stunning, we recommend ordering your favorite stone veneer samples from our website and we will ship them straight to your home for accurate designing and comparison!

How To Modernize Front Porch Pillars?

Although a front porch is a timeless home feature, today’s homeowners crave hip design and exterior home features that reflect the times. For modern and contemporary interior spaces, the precise lines and clean geometry of thinner, horizontal stone strips help complete these rooms to perfection. Similarly, to modernize front porch pillars, you can use Ledgestone veneer to provide the end-cut texture and organized look that delivers true modern appeal. You can use a monochrome stone veneer to match a minimalist exterior or use multi-colored stone veneer for modern stone porch columns that pull out a color in the home’s exterior color palette:

Ledgestone from Horizon Stone Front Porch with Wood Columns

How To Pick the Right Stone for Your Porch?

When it comes to designing stone porch columns or stone column bases for porches, use factors such as stone size, color, and pattern to capture the perfect feel:

  • Size – The size of the stones you select for your columns will often reflect the desired décor theme you aim to achieve. For traditional and classic design, larger stone sizes help reflect a time-honored architectural feel.
  • Color– For color, it’s all about the visual impact you look to craft with your stone veneer pillars. Use the amount of natural light your porch receives, with your favorite Horizon Stone veneer samples, to select a color scheme that will either provide presence that balances with subtlety or choose bolder stone colors for columns that stand out!
  • Pattern – Different stone veneer patterns will help you capture the perfect look for your porch. Stone veneer that features more square and rectangular stones in visible mortar will give a subtle nod to skilled masonry. Face-cut stone veneer provides exceptional natural beauty that is an ideal fit for rustic farmhouse porches or craftsman home porches:
Stone Veneer Front Porch with Stone Garage from Horizon Stone

These fabulous examples of stone veneer columns and porch pillars are only a few of the excellent ideas that you can pull from our Horizon Stone Pinterest page. Locate your nearest Horizon Stone distributor to start your porch refresh today!