Horizon Stone – Refacing a Fireplace with Stone Veneer

Everyone can appreciate the warmth and presence that a standout fireplace adds to the intimacy of your inviting living room, family room, or even an outdoor patio. With unmistakable texture, visual interest, and gorgeous natural tones, easy-to-install Horizon Stone veneer is the ideal material to enrich your fireplace with upscale appeal!

Even if you already have an existing fireplace, using stone veneer to reface a fireplace can help transform the look and feel of this classic architectural feature. If you want to go from a traditional or rustic design aesthetic to a contemporary or modern visual, stone veneer can help you transform and elevate your spaces. Here are a few of our favorite tips for refacing a fireplace with stone veneer:   

Advantages of Refacing a Fireplace with Stone Veneer

Whatever the best reasons to reface a fireplace with stone veneer are to you, the advantages are many and they create an extremely compelling case for why you should consider this valuable design refresh: 

  • Stone veneer is a versatile material that can be installed over brick, interior wood, exterior wood, stucco, cement, concrete masonry units, or steel framing. 
  • Stone veneer is heat-resistant and appropriate for use as a fireplace surround.
  • Refacing a fireplace is more cost effective, more efficient time and labor-wise, creates less of a mess, and displaces a room for less time than tearing out an existing fireplace.
  • Stone veneer modernizes the look of a traditional fireplace & improves a property’s bottom line. 
  • Stone veneer allows you to update a fireplace without painting it.

    Using Stone Veneer Samples

    When you are ready to reface a fireplace using stone veneer, it’s extremely important to use stone veneer samples to most accurately gauge how your finished results will turn out! 

    Whether you love the authenticity of rough-cut stacked stone, the sharp angles of ledgestone, or the high character of field stone, use samples to ensure you love the texture and shapes in person, as well as test how the stone shades appear in the natural and artificial light that the room receives. 

    Order your favorite Horizon Stone samples from our website, they will be shipped directly to your house, and you can then move your fireplace refacing project forward with confidence. 

    Using Stone Veneer on Brick Fireplaces

    Traditional brick homes are both highly desired and long-lasting, thanks to the sound material that rarely needs replacing. Thankfully, stone veneer can be utilized when brick homeowners want to update the look and feel of a property. When refacing a brick fireplace, rest assured that Horizon Stone products are superiorly engineered for quick, efficient installation. We recommend working with a contractor to easily install stone veneer over a brick fireplace, who can ensure the condition of the brick masonry. If the brick fireplace doesn’t present any cracking, bulging, or crumbling, it is clear for a stone veneer update!

    Additional Considerations When Refacing A Fireplace

    Whether you are refacing a fireplace with stone veneer or a different material, there are a few considerations that we recommend you follow to prevent safety issues and extra costs down the line: 

    • Maintain proper clearances around the fireplace to prevent fire hazards. 
    • Follow all local building codes, HOA agreements, or other regulations regarding fireplace installations. If you do not pass necessary codes or regulations, you may be forced to tear out or revise your project to meet the requirements. Consider this step from the start to save both time and money! 
    • If you’re unsure about an aspect of your fireplace refacing project, reach out to a professional contractor to either seek advice or partner with them to complete the remodel. 

    When you are looking to gather more stone fireplace inspiration for your new project, explore our Horizon Stone Pinterest pages to pull ideas from the many stunning images and examples. You can also find ways to incorporate Horizon Stone fireplace accessories that will enhance your design and overall appeal. Then, locate your nearest Horizon Stone distributor to work with an expert who can help you achieve the outstanding results you envision!