Summertime is in full swing and there’s no better way to take advantage of the extra sunshine and gorgeous weather than getting outside for a cookout. If your summer trips were put on hold and your family is spending extra time at home to stay safe, firing up the grill and creating a delicious summer menu is the perfect way to celebrate the season. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it!

There’s more to outdoor grilling than just frozen burger patties and a pack of hotdogs! With a little thoughtful planning and an elevated layout, you can turn a regular evening into a special dining experience without ever leaving the backyard. In addition to giving your exterior a design refresh, improving the value of your home, and maximizing the space that your family uses, Horizon Stone products can help you create your own personal restaurant at home that specializes in mouth-watering grilled food. Let’s fire up the great ideas!

Outdoor Dining Settings – Before you even get your flames started, create the ambiance for ultimate relaxation, breezy conversation, and unforgettable meals with your loved ones. Eating inside day after day with the TV on can get monotonous. Turn your deck or porch into an outside dining area that feels special! Set the table with mats, your favorite plates and silverware, and even cloth napkins. This outdoor porch (below) designed with Craftsman Cottage in color Shenandoah is the perfect getaway from the inside of the home, ideal for getting some fresh evening air.

The Benefits of Grilling – Nothing unlocks and enhances the natural flavor of our favorite meats and veggies more than grilling does! Did you know that grilling is a healthier way to prepare our food than frying or sautéing? When you grill meat, you eat less fat since the excess drips off the grates. You also use much less butter and oil when you grill than you would when cooking with a pan. Plus, both meats and veggies retain more nutrients and vitamins when grilled. Simply purchase lean meats, marinate for extra flavor, and use gas over charcoal if possible, for a healthier meal that’s still a major crowd-pleaser. For added inspiration, borrow a few of our favorite recipes from our Summer Grilling Recipes Pinterest board and see which savory creations draw the biggest raves from your hungry crowd!

Maximize Your Grilling Area – Indoor-outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest trends in home renovation, and we completely understand why. This allows homeowners the ultimate opportunity to maximize the space of the home and have added reason to get outdoors. It’s one thing to roll out a grill and flip a couple of burgers. It’s an entirely different experience when you craft an outdoor kitchen that’s an extension of your culinary space indoors. You are the master chef of this outdoor space and you deserve a grilling area that will help you produce your greatest food! 

When cooking outside, you also get to keep an eye on and spend more time with the rest of the family while they are enjoying outdoor activities. The covered outdoor kitchen (below left) created with Rockface in color Hermitage is perfect for cooking by the pool and handling the summer rain with ease. We also love the outdoor design elements (below right) with various Horizon Stone veneer that can be used to complete a jaw-dropping outdoor grilling area.  

It’s safe to say that modern outdoor grilling continues to evolve and these spaces strike the perfect balance of luxury and cozy. Maybe you can use this summer to begin your dream renovation! In the meantime, you can certainly try your hand at some sizzling, tasty recipes and perfect your seasoning blends. We want to see your summertime spreads, so make sure to tag us on our Horizon Stone Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages- Happy Grilling!