Fall is a very special time of the year at Horizon Stone. The transition to cooler weather encourages us all to embrace the hygge lifestyle and bring coziness to our indoor spaces. It’s all about reconnecting with your family and close friends while embracing the moment and enjoying the simpler things in life. A good book, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, or an intimate conversation all emphasize the best parts of living modestly and unpretentiously – following the hygge concept. Here are some of our best suggestions to incorporate that philosophy into your home this fall season. 

Fireplaces and Accessories

What else can encourage you to relax, slow down, and unwind better than sitting around the fireplace? The inviting warmth and crackling sounds compel you to rest and be present which is core to the hygge way of life. 

Regardless of the style of your home, Horizon Stone has the fireplace inspiration to suit the design and character of your space. From farmhouse style to sleek contemporary looks, our stone veneer creates gorgeous fireplaces. Ledgestone offers the traditional look of natural stone with many options in size, texture, and shape. With a variety of colors and surfaces, it is a very popular design. The Rockface collection has a symmetrical shape that complements today’s contemporary looks. You can review Horizon Stone’s Stone Gallery to determine your best match.

Sometimes your fireplace may need a simple renovation. Horizon Stone has all of the accessories to update your fireplace. A new mantle or a hearthstone of faux rock can transform your space. Not only do these accessories add beauty to your fireplace, but they are also an affordable way to enhance your space. 

Pillows, Blankets and Candles – Oh, My! 

Let’s discuss some of the other elements of the hygge principle. Soft, comfortable pillows- and a lot of them- add an instant infusion of coziness to the living room and bedroom. Create an overflowing basket of blankets for your guests to grab and enjoy on cooling evenings. A quick snuggle or a long nap can refresh the rest of your day. The allure of fall scented soy candles is inviting and comforting. The more candles, the better! Etsy offers the Let’s Stay Home candle collection with scents ranging from Autumn Leaves, Campfire Coffee, to Pumpkin Souffle.  By choosing these elements, you are welcoming the hygge lifestyle into your home. 

Connect with a Professional 

If you need help creating a cozy indoor space for fall by updating your fireplace, Horizon Stone would love to help. Depending on the size of your job, you may feel more confident working with a licensed architect or contractor.  A professional will work with you to fully execute your vision, from conception to execution. Check out Horizon Stone’s list of trusted Distributors to get started.

We have given you some of our ideas for creating a cozy indoor oasis.  What are your recommendations? We’d love to feature your Horizon Stone project on our website.  We can’t wait to see your vision using Horizon Stone products!