The Southeast features a treasure trove of homes that blend Southern charm with modern flair. With antebellum-inspired plantations and contemporary classics, homes throughout this region capture the essence of the South. From inviting Lowcountry porches to the grandeur of Greek Revival columns, ala Gone with the Wind, the homes of the Southeast offer an array of design styles that exude Southern hospitality and cultural pride. 

Stone is a versatile design element throughout this diverse landscape that adds character and texture to residences. Whether it’s the Craftsman’s charming simplicity, the Colonial’s timeless elegance, the Mid-Century Modern’s sleek lines, or the Tudor’s storybook allure, the stone veneer seamlessly complements each of these four popular styles.


When matching stone veneers to different house aesthetics, consider each style’s specific characteristics and features. Here are our choices for four of the Southeast’s most sought-after exterior aesthetics: 


1. Stone for Craftsman Style Homes

The design aesthetics of a Craftsman-style home are characterized by an emphasis on handcrafted details, simplicity, and natural materials. When choosing stone veneer for your Craftsman-style home, select the Craftsman Cottage Stone Series by Horizon Stone, specially crafted from stones found in the Ozark Mountains. With warm tones like earthy browns, tans, or muted grays and a textured finish, this collection complements the organic aesthetic and natural materials associated with Craftsman architecture. 

Colonial style home with white handcrafted stone with vinyl siding | Horizon Stone

2. Stone for Colonial Style Homes

Colonial design aesthetics features a formal and symmetrical appearance, emphasizing timeless elegance and classic details. Consider The Ledgestone Stone Siding Series from Horizon Stone when choosing stone veneer for Colonial-style homes. Its irregular age appearance – mimicking natural stone –  offers a timeless and elegant façade that seamlessly complements the traditional and symmetrical design often associated with Colonial homes. The stacked look of the Ledgestone Series, featuring rich colors and authentic textures, harmonizes with the formal nature of Colonial architecture. This series is a classic and popular choice, adding character and sophistication to Colonial-style homes. 


3. Stone Veneer for Mid-Century Modern Homes

For Mid-Century Modern style homes, the Rockface Stone Series from Horizon Stone is the perfect stone veneer choice. Its chiseled texture and symmetrical shape complement the clean lines, geometric forms, and organic textures commonly found in Mid-Century Modern architecture. This series captures the era’s essence while lending a contemporary and stylish sophistication to the overall design. The stone veneer in this series offers the characteristic blend of natural elements and modern design that defines the distinctive charm of Mid-Century Modern homes. 


 Tudor style home with handcrafted stone and brick front | Horizon Stone

4. Stone for Tudor Homes

When selecting stone veneer for Tudor-style homes, Horizon Stones offers two great choices – the Olde World Stone Series and the Fieldstone Stone Siding Series. The Olde World Stone Series blends traditional, historical, and handmade looks, adding an old-world feel with a modern touch that perfectly complements Tudor architecture’s intricate and timeless features. This stone choice, in 12 earthy tones and with a rough and irregular texture, complements Tudor-style half-timbering, arched doorways, and the overall storybook charm. In contrast, the Fieldstone Stone Siding Series pays homage to grassroots traditions by incorporating rough textures and random shapes, capturing the rustic appeal inherent in Tudor-style homes. Whether you prefer a traditional or rustic aesthetic, both series offer versatile options to enhance the overall allure of Tudor homes. 


When choosing the right stone for these homes, consider colors, textures, and architectural details that enhance the overall style. Your surroundings and local influences also play a role in choosing the perfect stone veneer for your home’s design aesthetic.
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