It’s that time of year again: The winter holiday season is upon us, and we can’t wait to get our homes decked out to ring in the festivities and capture the spirit of the season! As we plan for our holiday get-togethers and family meals, we begin by hanging lights, wreaths, and other decorations for all to see. A gorgeous, inviting home with Horizon Stone veneer will look absolutely exquisite trimmed for the holidays and you can decorate your home without nails or drilling holes into the home exterior. Here are a few valuable ways that you can begin preparing your home for the holidays: 







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Magnificent Mantles – Whether indoors in the family room or outdoors in your covered patio, a charming fireplace created with Horizon Stone veneer provides the ultimate warmth with organic tones framing the roaring flames. Using easy-to-install Horizon Stone accessories such as mantel shelves, brackets, hearthstones, and keystones, you can enhance the intimacy of this standout design element for even more timeless memory making- and extra space for your favorite decorations. Accessorize your mantle with branches, leafy trimmings and pinecones, add decorative snow blankets, metallic accents, or shimmery pieces as preferred. For more decorative inspiration, explore our post on How to Decorate Your Mantle for Christmas and let your personal creativity take over!







Hanging Lights on Stone Veneer – When it comes to hanging lights on your stone veneer, start by measuring the perimeter of the area where you want lights whether it’s the exterior roofline, an archway, or around a window. Make sure to purchase enough light strings to cover the measurement you take. If you are hanging lights along a roofline with gutters, you can simply use gutter hooks to hang lights and other decorations. If you want to hang lights on your stone veneer, all you need is a hot glue gun! 







As a general best practice, test your light strings indoors first to make sure there are no missing or burned-out bulbs. Then replace individual bulbs as needed and take your strings outside when all bulbs are working. Using an extension cord will help guarantee that you have enough light strings to cover your measured distance and plug into your outdoor outlet with ease. 







To hang your lights, first apply a line of hot glue along the side of the first bulb socket. Hold the glued side of the socket against the stone veneer for several seconds until the glue has cooled and set. Continue gluing each bulb socket in place until your lights make your envisioned arrangement. For easy hot gluing, use an outdoor extension cord with your hot glue gun and a ladder if needed. When you are ready to take down your lights at the end of the holiday season, pry each bulb socket out of the glue. Wind, rain, and sunshine will remove the hot glue residue as weather changes over the year! If you have used hot glue to hang light on indoor stone veneer, you can use a heat gun to soften the glue and make it easier to gently scrape off any residue left behind.







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Natural Holiday Inspiration – It goes without saying that the gorgeous organic shades and inherent natural beauty of stone pair perfectly with other decorations culled from the great outdoors. That could be wreaths made from branches or pinecones, different colored gourds or pumpkins, bundles of sticks tied with ribbon, or even fresh seasonal flowers or greenery from your local florist. The Decorating Your Home Exterior for Christmas blog post features inspired ideas for entryway, front porch, and patio décor using pieces from nature, and our Christmas Exterior Décor Pinterest Board features incredible combinations of stone veneer exteriors and organic holiday arrangements. By pulling out and emphasizing the natural appeal of your holiday decorations, your exterior stone veneer can become an extension of a true winter wonderland! We can’t wait to see the amazing designs that our readers create this holiday season so make sure to tag us in your pics of holiday decorations and stone veneer on our Horizon Stone FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest pages– Happy Holidays!