As 2021 draws to a close, the new year brings an exciting opportunity to build off the developments of the last twelve months with promises of productivity and prosperity. While there were returns to job sites, school, and general normalcy, the past year still provided enough unpredictability to often keep both work and play safely at home. In an effort to enhance the stability and quality of home life, 2022 design and décor trends will center on comforting, helpful themes of multi-functionality, nature, and simplicity. 

Thankfully, the stunning array of high-quality Horizon Stone veneer provides a reliable material that can achieve each or all of these sentiments in many applications! Whether you’re looking to elevate your favorite rooms or craft a luxurious organic feel, here are some stone trends for the new year that can help you kick off 2022 with renewed energy and impeccable style: 

Multifunctionality – At this point, homeowners have learned the value of creating versatile, multi-functional rooms that can suit a variety of activities and help maximize space indoors. While many were forced to work from makeshift offices during home quarantines, this has created a premium on hybrid rooms that can easily be repurposed whenever necessary. Thanks to the easy DIY installation of stone veneer, you can literally use Horizon Stone products to add sophistication in any room by way of accent walls, built-in shelves, or backsplashes. By installing an accent wall in Handcrafted Series Stone (below), this soothing nursey can easily become an inspired workplace if needed. The eye-catching appeal of stone helps room achieve a fashion-forward flexibility that can serve a variety of purposes. 

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Handcrafted Series Stone

Natural Connection – To make time indoors as rejuvenating as possible, home design will see a push towards natural materials, tones, and textures to foster a calming connection to the outdoors. Whether you prefer QuickFit Series of easy-to-install stone panels or the elegant “stacked” look of the Ledgestone Series, wide-ranging veneer options provide undeniably organic stone colors, shapes, and arrangements to match any décor style. Stone veneer provides distinctive visual interest with easy-to-use neutrals that blend effortlessly and enhance a relaxing yet elevated interior. Not only is this gorgeous Olde Series Stone (below) kitchen island easy to install, but it’s also the perfect way to add a natural design statement: 

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Olde World Series Stone

Similarly, you can use stone veneer to easily transform an ordinary living room or family room fireplace into a dramatic nature-inspired focal point. This stunning Ledgestone Series Stone (below) fireplace brings equal parts upscale appeal and relaxing Zen to the home:

A fireplace in a brick building

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Ledgestone Series Stone

Classicism & Simplicity – As the last year has presented precautions and guidelines that have at times made life more complicated, the increased desire for simplicity has carried over to home design. In the forthcoming year, homeowners, builders, and designers will use more minimalistic schemes that focus on clean lines, geometry, and clarity to complete large open spaces. This movement also carries into the trend of using vintage touches to create time-honored appeal within a contemporary setting. We love how these columns created with Rockface Series Stone (below) showcase symmetrical stone shapes used in historical architecture and subtle tonal variation to uplift this modern, minimal kitchen: 

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Rockface Series Stone

For this striking minimalistic bathroom, the almost monochrome accent wall created with Ledgestone Series Stone (below) uses the aged, stacked look of stone and a hand-worked artisanal feel to create an elegant look that’s as timeless as it is head-turning:

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Ledgestone Series Stone

Which of these stone trends do you want to explore in 2022? Make sure to gather additional inspiration from our Horizon Stone Pinterest boards and locate your nearest Horizon Stone distributor today to explore your favorite options!