When we think of stone veneer as a design element, we tend to think of luxurious exteriors that recall time-honored craftsmanship and upgraded style. Whether it’s exterior walls, arched entrances, regal columns, or stunning stairways, stone lends an undeniable curb appeal with gorgeous, natural texture. Well, we think it’s time to start bringing this same prized beauty of stone veneer indoors to equally dazzling effect!

For a savvy room transformation, crafting a stand-out interior accent wall is a cost-effective, lower design commitment that will still achieve an elevated feel for the entire space. You have more than likely seen creative accent walls created with a bold paint color, wood plank visual, or mosaic tile. However, the opulent yet unpretentious quality that stone veneer provides also deserves to be thoroughly explored for your favorite rooms! These stone veneer interior accent wall concepts are simply too good to keep to ourselves.   

Common Spaces – Similarly to how interior designers utilize bold, colorful mosaic tiles to design accent walls that truly pop, you can use stone veneer to add natural shade variation and texture, as well as enhance visual interest. Among the wide-ranging stone choices, you can find the perfect selection that will coincide with modern, contemporary, traditional, or eclectic décor. 

Whether you want a monochromatic stone look where different stone sizes and shapes provide interest or prefer a versatile, multi-colored stone option, any stone veneer selection (right) will provide detail and help create a lasting impression. Use the layout of the actual stone, from horizontal repeating pattern to semi-organized to random, to complement the overall room feel you wish to achieve. 

Bedroom Paradise – When we retire to our bedrooms at night, or for a midday nap, we aim to relax and find calm to get restful sleep for the next big adventure. The warm earthy tones of natural stone are comforting and soothing while adding a chic design factor that makes homeowners proud of the property they work so hard for. In the nursery (below), a Handcrafted accent wall in Mossy Creek adds timeless, effortless elegance and subtle color without overwhelming.

Bathroom Spa – In these uncertain times, there’s nothing like unwinding and recharging with a warm drawn bath or rejuvenating shower after a long day of decision-making and task-completing. A simple stone veneer accent wall like this Ledgestone wall (below) in Canyon Ridge turns a lovely bathroom into a spa-like retreat right in your own home.  Turn on a tranquil soundtrack, pour a glass of your favorite wine, and let the stress fade away- Don’t rush, take all the time you need!  

Easy To Install – Although Horizon Stone veneer provides the timeless appeal of old-world structures and skilled artisan work, the beauty of modern technology and custom manufacturing allows for exceptionally quick and flawless installation. This means that even if your household currently has more family members inside due to quarantining and social distancing, installing your accent wall won’t disrupt your routine for long. You can even opt for DIY installation over professional installation if you have the time and capability! 

With the extra time at home this year, perhaps you have been inspired to give your favorite room a design refresh and improve the value of your property at the same time. Adding a stone veneer interior accent wall is a great, manageable step to achieving your ultimate design vision.  

Start your accent wall project by ordering your Horizon Stone product samples! Samples are available in 13.5” and 16” sizes and only $25 each. Be sure to tag us with your incredible finished pics on our Horizon Stone Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages- We can’t wait to see what you create!