When it comes to maximizing the space of your property, adding function and style to your exterior living areas will increase both overall value and long-term satisfaction. Not only are outdoor kitchens one of the most popular exterior home renovation projects, but these extra culinary spaces are also perfect for stepping outside for a little fresh air and sunlight while making memorable meals with the family. 

Creating an outdoor kitchen with stone veneer is easier than ever with the entire line of gorgeous Horizon Stone options. In just a short amount of time, your completed outdoor stone kitchen can transform your home and craft the perfect place to spend hours enjoying your beautiful yard: 

Stone Veneer Walls 

One way to begin designing an outdoor kitchen with stone veneer is by brainstorming how you can use stone veneer walls that help frame the entire area. In addition to being eye-catching architectural elements in your landscaping, these structural walls can help create countertop space and designate specific areas for distinct functions such as grilling, food prep, and washing cookware. You can even consider matching the veneer used for your outdoor stone kitchen walls to a stone veneer variety used in your home exterior to make the finished design feel like a sprawling part of your property, creating the feel of a bigger estate! 

Outdoor Kitchen Features

Now that you have the overall area mapped out, it’s time to consider the features you want to have in your outdoor kitchen made with stone veneer. It’s almost a given that your stone outdoor kitchen needs a grill for delicious, healthier meals. Perfect for summer cookouts, pool parties, or football viewing, everyone loves the taste of grilled burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chicken, kebabs, and veggies! Also, it’s definitely wise to consider building a small refrigerator and a sink into your outdoor stone veneer kitchen. As you design the countertops, you may consider installing butcher block that can be used for cutting ingredients and food preparation. Think about the functions you will use the most and go from there.

stone fire pit
stone fire pit

Outdoor Stone Fireplace/Firepit 

When it comes to making memories with kids and loved ones under the stars, there’s nothing like roasting marshmallows and making hot, fresh s’mores over an open flame! You can easily achieve this vision with an outdoor stone veneer fireplace or stone veneer firepit that is incorporated into your kitchen design. A stone fireplace or stone firepit instantly lends a sophisticated feel with the organic luxury of stone texture, shapes, and tones. With these striking outdoor stone design elements, you bring undeniable warmth and inviting comfort to your kitchen for endless perfect nights. 

outdoor stone fireplace poolside
outdoor stone fireplace poolside

Stone Veneer Columns & Posts

The natural stacked appearance of stone veneer lends itself perfectly to the elegance of stone columns that can support a roof or covering for your outdoor kitchen. In addition to creating stone veneer columns to help keep out the elements, you can also use stone veneer on wooden posts to elevate and incorporate an already existing pergola. Timeless stone columns add familiarity and elegance to an outdoor stone kitchen layout while supporting your roof and protecting your meals from unpredictable rainfall. 

outdoor stone fireplace and columns

Make sure to explore our Horizon Stone Pinterest pages for even more inspiration for your unique outdoor areas. Gather your favorite ideas for how to build an outdoor kitchen with stone veneer and find your nearest Horizon Stone distributor to begin budgeting and planning your project timeline. Here’s to cooking and grilling more inspired recipes all year long in your new favorite space!