We know just how difficult it can be to start a new home project during the busy pace of life, balancing a work schedule and life at home with little time left over. Thankfully, the modern shopping process can easily start from your phone, tablet, or laptop, with plenty of valuable web tools at your disposal. With Horizon Stone’s online resources, you don’t have to delay shopping for stone veneer options for your next renovation!

One of the biggest hurdles to any project is simply knowing where to begin. From product selection and inspiration to planning considerations and finding a dealer, it’s easy to initially feel overwhelmed by the entire process. However, we strive to create a shopping experience that’s user-friendly and creates confidence as you move your project forward. Before you ever walk into a store, follow our recommendations for how to shop for stone online from the comfort of your own home!

1. How to Find Stone Veneer Inspiration

It’s amazing how much better our ideas are when we are inspired! As you explore all the Horizon Stone varieties in our Stone Gallery, make sure to explore our Inspiration Gallery for incredible installations to pull from. The design versatility and low maintenance of stone veneer make it the perfect material to use throughout your entire property. We have fabulous stone veneer image galleries in categories such as Home Stone Exteriors, Stone Garages, Stone Interiors, Stone Fireplaces, Outdoor Living, and even Commercial Stone Designs to see how these products are used to provide luxury, warmth, and character. You can also peruse the Horizon Stone Pinterest account to pin and save your favorite stone veneer examples for easy reference!

 2. How to Plan Your Stone Veneer Project

With any home project, it starts with taking accurate measurements of the space you are designing for. These measurements will help you calculate the square footage of the project area, budget appropriately, and plan a stone veneer project accordingly. In fact, the first step to figuring out the cost of stone veneer installation is to know your measurements! Even if you don’t feel particularly confident in math or calculations, you can successfully measure your space.

First, take a tape measure and gather the length and width of the area receiving stone veneer, and round each measurement up to the nearest inch. Convert the length and width into measurements that are only in terms of feet, by dividing the inches in each measurement by 12, and adding that figure to the feet in each measurement. Take these converted measurements and multiply the length by the width to arrive at the square footage of the area.

3. How to Pick the Best Stone Veneer for Your Project

Traditional brick homes are both highly desired and long-lasting, thanks to the sound material that rarely needs replacing. Thankfully, stone veneer can be utilized when brick homeowners want to update the look and feel of a property. When refacing a brick fireplace, rest assured that Horizon Stone products are superiorly engineered for quick, efficient installation. We recommend working with a contractor to easily install stone veneer over a brick fireplace, who can ensure the condition of the brick masonry. If the brick fireplace doesn’t present any cracking, bulging, or crumbling, it is clear for a stone veneer update!

Horizon Stone - Stone Finder showing multiple colors of stone

4. How to Shop For Stone Veneer

Now that you have your favorite stone veneer styles, it’s time to get stone veneer samples to test them against your materials, paint colors, and lighting to make sure they look, feel, and balance the way you expect! You can order your favorite Horizon Stone samples directly from their respective pages in our Stone Gallery. They will be shipped promptly and directly to your home without you ever leaving the couch.

Now, it’s time to find a stone veneer dealer! Use the Horizon Stone Store Locator to locate your nearest stone veneer store in our superior network of premier dealers and distributors. In addition to purchasing stone veneer for your project, your dealer may offer design and installation services,  financing options, and help you meet the timeframe you have in mind. Your knowledgeable dealer will also help answer questions and lend valuable expertise towards achieving your project goals. 

It’s never been easier to browse our wide selection of stone veneer online and begin your fabulous remodel. If you have stone veneer questions or need more information, contact us and our customer service team will assist you in any way we can!